About Us

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Prakasa Volt

Prakasa Volt is dedicated to providing integrated mechanical and electrical consultations, distributing electrical supplies, manufacturing and installing integrated solar panels, and supplying customized EV (Electric Vehicle) charger products. 

We offer comprehensive product and innovative service solutions to our clients across multiple sectors for projects of scale and complexity while managing various technological interfaces. 

As a result, Prakasa Volt is uniquely qualified to provide technical and professional services that enable us to develop strong and long-term relationships with domestic and international companies.

Worker inspecting circuit board by processing plant in circuit board factory

Our Vision

To empower individuals, businesses, and organizations with renewable energy for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

  • To provide non-carbon energy solutions while maintaining control of every aspect of the electricity project, from the initial consultation to completion.
  • To satisfy and surpass client expectations via constant innovation and excellent product and service quality.
  • To innovate with products and services with the latest technology in order to pave the way for a more eco-friendly environment.

Core Values


In an effort to provide the most effective electrical solution, we continuously explore new technology and innovation.


Our solar panels and EV chargers are manufactured per industry standards, guaranteeing steadfast reliability over an extended period.


Empower individuals and organizations to take charge of their energy needs while creating synergetic partnerships that achieve shared goals with agility and precision.